NEWSWEEK reveals through images evidence Turkey's use of internationally prohibited weapons in N, E Syria

Newsweek magazine published photographs of people who were bombed with internationally prohibited weapons by Turkey during its attacks on northern and eastern Syria, documenting their exposure to white phosphorus.

The magazine "Newsweek" in a report about the abhorrent and deadly aspects of the Turkish attack on northern and eastern Syria, where it was reported Turkey's use of banned materials such as harmful chemical weapons and incendiary munitions.

The magazine pointed out that Turkey has been accused of using white phosphorus, and got Newsweek magazine pictures that may show evidence of this.

"Although most of the SDF fighters helped the Pentagon in the fight against ISIS, their partnership did not extend to the fight against Turkey, a NATO member allied with hardline mercenaries."

White phosphorus is widely used in night lighting, but Protocol III of the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons prohibits its use in densely populated areas and civilians.

Danish independent journalist Thea Pedersen, who documented the victims of what is believed to be white phosphorus in hospitals in northeastern Syria, described what he saw as "apocalyptic," Pedersen quoted a doctor as saying: "We need experts to verify this, this is not normal."

Pedersen's photographs document the horrific burns and injuries that prove that Turkey used white phosphorus in its attack on northern and eastern Syria.

Earlier, according to a report in the British Guardian newspaper, UN chemical weapons inspectors said they would gather information after accusations that Turkish forces used internationally prohibited white phosphorus against children in northern and eastern Syria earlier this week.

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) said on Friday morning that it was "aware of the situation and is collecting information regarding the possible use of chemical weapons."

The British Newspapers the Times published a report in which it talked about the growing evidence that the Turkish occupation army used white phosphorus.



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