New decisions related to curfew, al-Hasakah is excepted

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria announced that the curfew decision was extended until May 11, while some new decisions regarding opening professions, shops and markets were issued, while al-Hasakah canton was excluded from the decisions.

The Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria issued Resolution No. 39 which includes extending the period of the health ban until May 11th, providing facilities to the professions and shops owners.

The decision includes the following:

Extending the curfew period imposed due to the Corona pandemic for ten days, starting from Saturday morning 02/05/2020 to 11/05/2020.

The curfew begins from 03:00 pm until 06:00 am of the next day.

All shops, professions and markets are open from 06:00 am until 03:00 pm.

The movement of the farmers is facilitated with the labors working with them from and to the agricultural lands that they do not exceed ten workers per vehicle during their transportation around the clock and throughout the curfew period.

Movement, transit and mobility among all democratic and civil administrations are prohibited throughout the curfew period.

Vehicles loaded with foodstuffs and detergents - medicines and infant formula - sanitary supplies and sterilization - fuel and diesel are allowed to travel among all departments and within each department around the clock and throughout the curfew.

Cafes, restaurants, cafeterias, places of worship, schools and universities remain closed through the entire curfew.

All border crossings of the Autonomous Administration remain closed until a decision is made to open them by the joint presidency of the Executive Council of North and East Syria.

The work remains pending in the Autonomous Administration institutions until a decision is issued by the joint presidency of the Executive Council of North and East Syria, except for the departments that require the continuation of work (service-health).

Employers must provide personal protection methods with masks and gloves to wear them during the work period, applying the principle of social separation.

With this decision, al-Hasakah canton is excluded due to the emergence of cases of infection with the virus, provided that appropriate measures are taken by al-Jazeera administration.

This decision is informed to prevent being enforced.

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