Mutual shelling caused human losses in Aleppo city

8 civilians have been killed in Aleppo city in Syria in new escalation between the two sides of the part of conflict where the mutual shelling between Turkey 's gangs and Syrian 's regime caused material and human losses.

Turkish occupation army's mercenaries shelled on Sunday evening by Grad missiles on al-Mohafda neighborhood in Aleppo city from its positions in the outskirt of the western countryside of the city, targeting vital positions in the neighborhood which is considered sensitive points to the presence of most of the housing system officials in Aleppo in that neighborhood, including the governor's palace.

But the damage was limited to the material without any information of the occurrence of victims, whether civilians or elements of the Syrian regime's forces.

Observers considered that the mercenaries dare to bomb a neighborhood in the center of Aleppo and is one of the most sensitive neighborhoods for regime 's forces are the message that the ability Turkish's mercenaries to hit the depth of the city if necessary and using Turkish weapons.

In response to this escalation, which began with the shelling of several neighborhoods in Aleppo and the targeting of the surroundings of the Municipal Palace, the regime forces violently shelled the countryside of the western and northern parts of Aleppo. The shelling focused mainly on the town of Kafr Hamra using heavy artillery and surface-to-surface missiles.

The bombing of the regime forces resulted in the loss of two civilians for their lives, including a child as a primary result, namely Ahmad Abdul Karim Alo ,65, years, and the child Mahmoud Serage al-Din, 13, years.



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