Mutual bombardment in De-escalation zone, Turkish occupation reinforces its positions

Mercenaries, supported by Turkey and regime forces, exchanged shelling in areas of "De-escalation" as the Turkish occupation continued by introducing military columns to its points.

The new cease-fire entered the area called “De-escalation” in the area extending from the northeastern Latakia Mountains to the northwestern suburbs of Aleppo city, passing through Hama and Idlib countryside, for the 15th consecutive day.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, regime forces shelled through dozens of rocket-propelled grenades, targeting areas in Kafarsjnah, Maratrzita, Sheikh Mustafa, Hass, Kfroma, Kafrnabel, al-Takaya, Deir Sharqi and Deir West, in the southern and southeastern countryside of Idlib, and Khulsa axis in the southern countryside of Aleppo and Kebaneh axis and al-Tafahia axis in the northern countryside of Latakia.

Al-Nimr checkpoint in Khan Sheikhoun, where regime forces are stationed, was also heavily bombed by Turkish-backed mercenaries, with no information on casualties.

In a related context, the Syrian Observatory added, the Turkish occupation army continues to introduce military convey to its points deployed in the north of Syria.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that a Turkish military convoy entered the Syrian territory, consisting of several vehicles carrying military and logistical supplies, during the late night hours, as the convoy headed towards the Turkish points east of Idlib.

The regime forces were targeted yesterday by several rocket-propelled grenades around the point of "Turkish observation" in the village of Maharatat in the southern countryside of Idlib."



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