Mutual attacks ignite Hama countryside, Libyan army drops guided Turkish aircraft

Last week, the areas of the Hama countryside, where the regime and mercenary groups were engaged in mutual attacks to achieve progress in the region, while Iran and Israel exchanged bombardments in the Syrian Golan.

Arab newspapers this week referred to the escalation in the demilitarized zones of Syria, to the Turkish intervention in the Libyan events and other important topics in the region.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat: Counter-attack on the regime forces north of Hama

Arab newspapers published last week in the Syrian issue dealt with several issues, the most prominent of which was the escalation in the so-called demilitarized zones. "The Syrian opposition and other extremist factions launched a fierce attack on positions restored by the regime forces in northern Hama, Russia and Syria on the northwest of the country in the «De-escalation» under an agreement between Moscow and Ankara.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that «a violent attack initiated by groups and other factions on the positions of the forces of the regime and armed loyalists in Jabeen, Tel Malih and Hamamiat in the northern suburb of Hama, where fierce fighting between the parties are going on, amid intensive preparation where they targeted with more than 340 missiles and bombs Khabarabouda, Qasabiya, Tal Hawash, Hamamiat, Talib, Tal Malih, Muhajir and Mahardah, under the control of the forces of the regime in the countryside of Hama and Idlib, in conjunction with igniting dozens of tires, taking advantage of their thick smoke in an attempt to disrupt the aircraft hovering in the skies of the region.

Al-Arab: Israel and Iran, which are in crisis, exchange letters of bombing in the Golan Heights

As for the mutual bombing of Syrian territory towards Israel and the Israeli bombing of Syria, Al-Arab newspaper reported,  Arab diplomatic sources in the Lebanese capital Beirut attributed the escalation of the fighting in the Syrian Golan Heights, to an Iranian desire to try to open a new front to relieve international and regional pressure. While Israel, which is experiencing a political crisis, is trying to suggest that it will not lose sight of the military escalation.

The sources said that after Israeli planes bombed targets inside Syrian territory for Iranian militias and Hezbollah rallies after firing rockets from Syrian territory into Israel, the shelling was incomprehensible while the Israeli response led to the deaths of three Syrian soldiers and seven foreign fighters. The escalation is a result of the escalating political crisis in Israel following the failure of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to form a new government, and Iran, which is experiencing its international crisis following the US escalation on the expected war with it, is seeking to open secondary fronts to ease the pressure on them.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat: Kurdish Autonomous Administration gets 800 women and children out of Al-Hol camp

A senior Kurdish official in the Autonomous Administration in northern and eastern Syria said on Sunday that some 800 displaced women and children would leave the camp, which is hosting families of the terrorist group, reported Al-Sharq Al-Awsat.

This is the first initiative of its kind in the camp, where according to the United Nations 74 thousand people. The camp has more than 30,000 Syrians, mostly women and children.

Bayan: Erdogan resorted to bullying to restore Istanbul

Bayan newspaper reported thath Recep Tayyip Erdogan has resorted to bullying to restore the Istanbul municipality lost by its candidate in the elections.

According to the BBC, the newspaper published a report by Turkey's Louise Calagan, "Erdogan is resorting to bullying to restore Istanbul," in which it spoke of "a campaign of beating and physical abuse precedes municipal elections in Istanbul and is a sign of an attempt to silence the opposition in Turkey."

Calagan, for example, beats journalist Idris Oziol, who was "beaten up by three men and left in the street suffering bruises until he was carried by pedestrians to the hospital."

Al-Quds Al-Arabi: Haftar forces announce targeting a guided Turkish jet, dropping it

The Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper said: "Al-Karama operations room of the Haftar forces announced that they had targeted a guided Turkish jet and dropped it in the runway of the Maitika airport.

"The forces destroyed it while it was landing on the runway where it left the base," according to Libya News site on Thursday morning.

The plane "launched raids on one of the concentrations of forces."


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