Mustafa criticized "inaction" of World Health Organization

Jiwan Mustafa criticized the World Health Organization (WHO) duplicity and failure to provide support to northeast Syria that recorded two COVID-19 cases, saying: "It should provide the required capabilities and do its humanitarian duty in accordance with its principles and foundations."

Although two new coronavirus infections have been recorded in the northeast Syria, WHO has not provided any medical aid to the people of the region, amid repeated calls from the Health Authority. The World Health Organization violates its basic and humanitarian functions and principles to provide the best possible health care for all peoples, as it adopts the principle of attaining the highest level healthcare which is one of the fundamental rights of every human being without discrimination.

"WHO provides its medical services and guidance to countries to curb the coronavirus outbreak, but it has not provided us with anything so far though two cases have been recorded in our regions,"  Mustafa, co-chair of the Health Authority in the northeast Syria said.

Mustafa pointed out that the areas of northeast Syria have been under attack for nearly nine years, and the infrastructure and health have collapsed: "We still need more medical support than before after the emergence of the coronavirus," he said.

Mustafa explained that WHO's convergences with the Autonomous Administration areas are misplaced and under criticism, stressing: "They must provide the required capabilities and do their humanitarian duty in accordance with their principles and foundations towards the people of the region."

There is no other case

Mustafa denied some circulated news from time to time about the presence of other cases in the areas of northeast Syria. "There are no other cases than the announced. People should be reassured that all the diagnosed cases, tested negative" he said.

According to the Health Authority in Al Jazeera, 47 people were tested via PCR and nearly 2,000 others tested negative.

Mustafa confirmed that the neighborhood where two coronavirus recorded in Al-Hasakeh is under surveillance, and regular check-ups are carried out on the patients. He indicated that the Health Authority examined the whole family who tested negative.

On 29 April, the Health Authority in northeast Syria reported two cases of COVID-19 in Al-Hasakeh, a couple, the husband is receiving the medical care at his home and his wife at the National Hospital in Qamishlo.



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