MSD blesses July 19, calls on Syrian people to unite against occupying powers

The Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) congratulated the people of northern and eastern Syria on the anniversary of the July 19 revolution and called on all free democratic forces and the components of the Syrian people to unite in the face of the ambitions of the occupying regional powers.

This came in a statement the Syrian Democratic Council released on the occasion of the seventh anniversary of the revolution of July 19, in which it said:

"The July 19 Revolution entered its seventh year of giving, development and construction. It has been able to consolidate the concepts of the true revolution that represents the culture of the Syrian people and created a democratic society capable of responding to the needs of change and contemporary stage.

Launching the Syrian revolution in March 2011 prompted the spirit of hope among all Syrians. However, the regional powers diverted their revolution by supporting terrorism and flooding the fields of the revolution with political money until the warlords supported by the region became divided by Syrian names and slogans and entered into battles and bazaars serving the interests of their operators, and Turkey had the largest and most dangerous role in the design and implementation of these schemes.

These regional policies have resulted in the destruction of Syrian cities and the transformation of cultural and religious structures and monuments into the headquarters of groups associated with global terrorism and platforms to launch the discourse of sedition, all of which were part of the schemes that took fruit in the occupation of parts of Syrian territory, such as Afrin, Jarablus, al-Bab and Idlib recently.

Despite all these tragedies, the peoples of northern and eastern Syria had another opinion, united and maintained the spirit of the real revolution, which started again in July 19, 2012. Its administrative, political and military results became the focus of the world's attention. A large proportion of the Syrian people were killed and displaced, and could establish a civil administration and military forces that have eliminated the most dangerous terrorist organizations in the world.

Seven years later, the Turkish state is mobilizing its forces along the borders of the northern and eastern regions of Syria, which are considered the only safe areas in Syria. These threats are developed against a hostile mindset against all the peoples of the region. Everyone, including the international forces must put an end to this state, which is causing problems on many fronts and is working to sabotage stability in the region, especially in Syria and Iraq.

We at the Syrian Democratic Council congratulate our people on the anniversary of their blessed revolution. We call on all free democratic forces and the components of the Syrian people to unite in the face of the ambitions of the occupying regional powers.


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