Movement less than usual in Manbij markets by Ramadan

​​​​​​​Simultaneously with Ramadan month, the implementation of the curfew measures that started in March 23 in all regions of northern and eastern Syria continues to prevent the Corona virus, including Manbij city whose markets have witnessed a slight movement compared to the past years amid the calls of the people in this holy month to end this epidemic from the world.

Manbij city and its countryside's Civil Administration allowed through a circular to extend the curfew until the beginning of the next month, allowing food and meat shops and street vendors in addition to those who work mostly in Ramadan drinks and pastries popular during the fasting days to carry out their work to meet the needs of the people.

With the advent of the first days of Ramadan which fell on Friday, the vegetable and food markets witnessed a turnout for buying what is needed to secure the needs of Ramadan table, which is famous for the diversity of its food in order to compensate the body of the fasting person for deficiencies in food and drink shortages during the day, but the movement was less than usual in the past years,

In this regard, our agency interviewed one of the people of Manbij city in the vegetable market in the city center, Ezz ed-Din al-Jassem, who compared the month of Ramadan during the current year with the previous, indicating that the past year witnessed heavy crowds in the markets, while the movement this year is light due to the curfew that is restricted within limited hours due to the Corona virus, and this may not give full psychological rest this month to fasting people.

Al-Jassem added, "But the most important thing at the present time is to protect people from this epidemic, so people adhere to the decisions of the Civil Administration and the instructions of the security forces to preserve the interest of society and keep the Corona virus infection away from our people. We ask God in this holy month that the Corona epidemic will be removed from all parts of the world, and I hope that security and safety will continue in the city."



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