Mohammed Darwish: failure of S400 deal will lead to fierce battles on the ground

A member of the Executive Committee of the National Democratic Alliance in Aleppo, Mohammed Darwish said that the negotiations of Astana will not reach a result serving the Syrian people, and stressed that the tripartite deals are seeking their interests, where he said that "Turkey supplied Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhet al-Nusra) with modern weapons."

ANHA agency interviewed Mohammed Darwish, a resident of Idlib governate, he said: "The attack on Idlib by the regime's forces and its allies with Russian air cover is inevitable if the S400 agreement fails."

"As for the meeting of Astana, the United States had previously stated that these negotiations have reached a dead end and will not bring any solution to the Syrian crisis," Darwish said of the Astana meeting scheduled for April 25-26.

"The tripartite deals (Turkey, Russia and Iran) are looking for their interests in these meetings," Darwish said. "Despite these statements, the guarantors of Astana are still trying to consolidate their interests in Syria. However, what is apparent is that the Astana meetings will not work in the dilemma Syria is passing through this period, and these meetings are closer to failure due to the subject of loyalty and lack of independence of decision among many. "

Darwish said that Turkey's procrastination in implementing the agreement "de-escalation zone" affects the deal S400 ", Russia's discontent with the dodging of Turkey was clear in terms of non-compliance with the convention and the expiration of the deadline given to them in respect of the demilitarized zone, despite its extension, which Russia accused Turkey of, this will negatively affect the completion of the S400 deal and the deterioration of relations between the two sides, and this is what America wants and which works on its part to the failure of that agreement."

Turkey supplied al-Nusra with modern weapons

Darwish predicted an attack by the regime forces with its allies on Idlib if the S400 failed. He added: "The attack of the regime forces with Russian support is inevitable, especially that these forces are concentrated on the border of Idlib governate, meaning that the region will witness fierce battles between the forces on the ground. Considering that Turkey supplied mercenaries of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhet al-Nusra) with modern and qualitative weapons."

The people there will become human shields

"This war will be cruel and devastating to the Syrian people who are there, because of the infiltration of mercenaries among civilians, which are human shields and victims' projects, even if this was not declared publicly," Darwish said.

The member of the Executive Committee of the National Democratic Alliance in Aleppo Mohamad Darwish added that the fate of the other occupied territories could not be predicted if the battle of Idlib ended with the victory of the regime's forces. "If the regime forces reach the outskirts of the occupied Afrin by the Turkish army, which is practicing its Ottoman policy again, so the Syrian regime, its allies will confront directly with the Turkish army and its mercenaries on the other hand, and here we cannot predict where things would lead to in the event of a direct clash between the two parties. "



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