Modernity, Democracy Party condemns seizure of Bakur municipalities by Turkish authorities

The Party of Modernity and Democracy considered the Turkish authorities' seizure of municipalities in Bakur as an attack on the will of the people.

A few days ago, the Turkish authorities seized the municipalities of Amed, Mardin and Wan in Bakur (northern Kurdistan). The Turkish move has been reprehensible both within Kurdistan and in Europe and America at both the popular and official levels.

In this context, the Party of Modernity and Democracy condemned the actions of the Turkish authorities through a written statement.

The text of the statement said:

"In one chapter of the reaction to naked tyranny in Turkey, and in an additional ugly exposure, the latter removed three elected mayors."

"The Party of Modernity and Democracy, which has always stood against the oppressive practices of the Turkish state in Syria, from the occupation and adoption of extremist factions and hostility to the experience of a democratic society in the north and east of the Euphrates, strongly condemns the blatant encroachment on what remains of Turkish democracy, by violating  the ballot boxes in this country, and declares its full solidarity with the mayors of those municipalities, whose parents and people have authorized them to manage their affairs in those cities."


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