MFC condemn crimes of Turkey and its destruction of the shrines of the martyrs

The MFC in both Al-Tabqa and Al-Raqqa and Manbij condemned the violations of the Turkish occupation state, especially with regard to the destruction and desecration of the shrines of the martyrs in the areas they occupy and within the Turkish interior, considering this as a disgrace to the forehead of humanity because it allows Turkey to violate the sanctity of the martyrs.

The regions occupied by Turkey in northern Syria are witnessing on a daily basis, inhuman crimes. Perhaps the most terrible of which is the targeting of the shrines of the martyrs, as the Turkish state and its mercenaries resorted to sabotaging a number of shrines after the occupation of several Syrian regions in Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî/ Tel Abyad. Even within the Turkish interior, the last targeting of the martyr's shrine was in Amed.

The MFC in Raqqa, and in a statement read by Council member Heba Al-Abdullah, condemned those crimes and the text of the statement said, "The crimes against humanity committed by the Turkish state against the peoples in general and the peoples of northern and eastern Syria in particular, are a stain on the forehead of humanity and all the states and societies that claim to respect human rights.

While the statement of the MFC in Al-Tabqa, which was read by the Co-chair of the Council Fatima Al-Hamoud, stressed that "the silence of the international community on these violations and crimes makes it a partner in the tragedies of innocent civilians, as the Turkish state did not stop with all these crimes, but directed its attention to shrines of the martyrs, which include thousands of our heroic sons, who have deterred terrorism. "

While the MFC in Manbij said through its statement read by the deputy presidency of the council, Kafaa Al-Ali, in the presence of a number of council members, addressing the Turkish authorities, "You will only find in your aggression disappointment, defeat, humiliation, and shame, and that the people who defeated the Ottomans after four centuries of occupation are capable of  defending its country and its dignity, their legions will not frighten us, their planes will not intimidate us and advise them to protect their face and return from where they came. "

The data mentioned a number of sites that were subjected to sabotage, including the shrine of the martyr "Avesta Khabour" in Afrin, the shrine of the martyr Mahmoud Tohme in Girê Spî / Tal Abyad, and the shrine of the martyrs in Serêkaniyê, in addition to the shelling of the martyrs shrine in Amed Leji..

The information of the councils of the families of the martyrs noted that "Turkey, with this shameful act, seeks to weaken our morale and insult our values ​​by destroying the shrines of our martyrs, which is a symbol of our dignity, and the beacon of the path of desired freedom.

And it called on the international community to stop the occupying power from its heinous work against the shrines of their children, and held the Turkish regime and its president Erdogan responsible for all crimes against the peoples of the region and the Middle East, and its use of internationally prohibited weapons against peoples.

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