Mezgin Zidan: "We support KNK's initiative, we have to unite against enemies"

The co-chair of the Kurdistan Democratic Change Party supported the initiative of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) and appealed to all Kurdish people, organizations and parties to abandon differences and unite against the enemies of the Kurdish people.  

The areas of Başûr (southern Kurdistan) have been subjected to fierce attacks by the Turkish occupation for more than 3 months. The Turkish killing machine committed several massacres there, in addition to the demographic change in Afrin after its occupation and the repeated threats of aggression against northern and eastern Syria.

In view of the sensitivity of the stage that passes through Kurdistan, KNK appealed to the Kurdish parties and forces to meet urgently and reach a common vision and position against the Turkish occupation of Kurdistan, through a statement issued after an extraordinary meeting held on July 27 in the Belgian capital Brussels.

The co-chair of the Kurdistan Democratic Change Party, Mezgin Zidan, stressed the need to unify the Kurdish people against the attacks and threats against the Kurdish people in their four regions, adding "why we do not care about what is going on around us? we have to unite against the arrogant, barbaric enemy, who will not be able to defeat us if we are united.'

Our enemies are many, but they are uniting against the sovereignty of Kurdistan," why do not we unite and defend our Kurdish forces," Mezgin Zidan asked about the reasons why the Kurds are not able to reach a unified vision, "to liberate our land and our people from the occupation, which refuse even a tent in North Africa belonging to the Kurds, and its threats and attacks continue, especially recently from Kirkuk and Afrin."

Mezgin appealed to all Kurdish political parties and all the Kurdish people to support the KNK initiative and unite against the enemies of the Kurdish people, adding "I appeal to every Kurd who seeks freedom and peace to reject differences and unite against the enemies of the Kurdish people."



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