Mehbash: Our meeting with the French president was positive, distinctive

"The visit was an important stage in the establishment of self-management, and the French president provided them with all kinds of support," co-chair of the Executive Council said.

The co-chair of the Executive Council of Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) in the North and East of Syria, Abed Hamed Mehash, said in a meeting held by the General Council of Autonomous Administration in Ain Issa district of Girê Spi canton to form the Justice Council.

"Distinctive visit in a pivotal stage in the history of DAA formation"

At the beginning of his speech, a member of the delegation that visited France, Abed Hamid Mehbash, said that after receiving the official invitation from the French government, the visit and the meeting with the French government took place.

"During the visit, we met with the French president at the Elysee Palace and he was received a special and warm welcome," he said.

Mehbash explained that the mere invitation and meeting of representatives of DAA with the French government and its president, Emmanuel Macron, is a distinctive and decisive stage in the formation of the DAA of northern and eastern Syria.

He noted that "the meeting was not only a summary or a protocol visit, but was an open meeting attended by the French President and a number of advisers, and put forward some ideas to provide support for DAA."

Direct and unlimited support for DAA

"We have provided a brief explanation of the status of DAA in general, and there were some ideas and proposals to the French government to provide support for DAA to see what it can offer us," said a member of the delegation who visited the French government.

He added "the French president has clearly and unequivocally supported DAA and the Syrian Democratic Forces in an unlimited way, and stressed their forces stay in Syria to help fight terrorism until completely eliminating it, and for an unlimited period of their presence in the region."

Abed Hamid Mehbash said that the French president "confirmed his support for the participation of a delegation of DAA in the drafting committee of the new Syrian constitution, and they worked and work on it in discussion with all parties."

"The French president expressed his full support for the region and made a decision during the meeting to allocate a sum of money for the reconstruction of the infrastructure, supporting the process of economic and social stability and positive reflections on the humanitarian situation in the north and east of Syria. "

One of the points discussed was the question of border security. He spoke about the content of the discussion on this point by saying: "The issue of border security with the Turkish state was raised during the meeting and the emphasis on prevention of attacks on the areas of DAA, it was one of our demands, which was developed as a forum for discussion, and the French government responded positively to prevent these threats to our regions. "

An international court for Daesh on the land of Syria

"One of the important points that has also been discussed is the issue of the detainees in the DAA prisons, which number is estimated between 5-6 thousand people, stressing the geography of the areas of Autonomous Administration, and they place a great burden on the DAA.

"We called for the establishment of a local court backed by local and international judges and logistical and legal support to try them in northern and eastern Syria," he said.

Mehbash noted at the end of his speech that the response of the French government and the French president were positive in this regard.



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