Meeting between Turkey, Syrian regime in Russia

The Syrian regime's media outlets revealed a tripartite meeting took place between Russia, Turkey and the regime in Moscow today.

Pro-regime Sana agency said that a meeting took place on Monday in Moscow between Russia, Turkey and the regime, where the head of the National Security Bureau, Ali Mamluk, represented the regime, and from the Turkish side, the head of the Intelligence Service, Hakan Fidan.

According to the agency, the meeting addressed the agreements on Idlib, the opening of Aleppo-Latakia and Aleppo-Hama roads, and that the Syrian side demanded at the meeting the Turkish side to fully abide by the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic, its independence, its people and territory integrity and an immediate and complete withdrawal from all the Syrian territory.

The Russian president had visited Damascus a few days earlier and met with the President of the regime, Bashar al-Assad before going to Turkey, and meeting with its President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Russia and Turkey have made multiple deals in Syria that have started since the fourth round of Astana, where Russia has enabled the regime to control large areas that were under the control of Turkish mercenaries, and Russia has given Turkey the green light to launch attacks on northern and eastern Syria.

 Source: Sana


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