Mahmoud Resho: We received our children from SDF, will hand them to Şengal Council

Mahmoud Resho said that they had received 11 Yazidi children from the Syrian Democratic Forces who liberated them from IS mercenaries during the operations of the Special Forces teams, and that they are now working on their treatment and will hand them over to Şengal Council after their recovery.


11 Yazidi children have been liberated from IS' grip by Special Forces belonging to SDF during liberating the civilians who were being captured by IS in al-Baguz and used as human shields.

The children are Sufian Khalaf Sulaiman, Maher Khalil Ibrahim, Delir Ali Rafo, Waseem Ismail Ibrahim, Iyad Hussain Shamo, Mustafa Ahmed, Mazen Selim, Khashman Samir, Delfan Khalaf, Sajjad Abbas, Saddam Hussein.

In this context, a member of Yazidi Council in al-Jazeera region Mahmoud Rasho said that they had received 11 Yazidi children of the General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces. "Now we have children, and we as Yazidi Council in al-Jazeera region treat them and provide them with everything they need."

"We are now in contact with the Council, and we are coordinating with them to hand over the children to Şengal Council, which in turn will hand them over to their families," said Mahmoud Resho.

At the end of his speech, the member of the Yazidi House Council in al-Jazeera region Mahmoud Resho thanked the Syrian Democratic Forces for their efforts to liberate the civilians, especially the Yezidis who were kidnapped by IS mercenaries when they launched their terrorist attack on Şengal in August 2014, "Until now, we have received a large number of Yazidis from the SDF that liberated them from IS, and there are still a large number of Yezidis to IS mercenaries. I would like to thank SDF for their great struggle and sacrifices that they have made to free our people from IS clutches. We hope that all the Yazidis who have been kidnapped will return to their families."



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