Mabrouka camp's medical point offers great, free services

The medical point at Mabrouka camp plays a prominent role in providing free medical services to displaced patients and receives approximately 100 patients every day.

The Health Authority, in coordination with the Kurdish Red Crescent Society (KRCS), has opened a medical point at Mabrouka camp since the beginning of 2016, in order to treat displaced patients, provide medical supplies and help them to solve their health problems.

The Kurdish Red Crescent plays a prominent role in the medical point, through the provision of medicines against chronic diseases and the transfer of patients according to their medical needs to the main hospital in al-Hasakah's Serê Kaniyê city for treatment and provide health services.

At the beginning of the liberation campaign that the Syrian Democratic Forces launched, the number of displaced persons in the camp increased after the displacement, reaching about 27 thousand displaced persons, in conjunction with the recent campaign "the Battle to Defeat Terrorism", where tens of thousands of Deir ez-Zor from several areas, and some of them went to the camps, including Mabrouka camp, to maintain the safety of their children and themselves.

The increase in the number of IDPs inside the camp has put great pressure on the only medical point, but thanks to the assistance of the Health Authority, KRCS and the Doctors Union in Serê Kaniyê, the point has been able to respond to all the patients and treat them free of charge.

On a visit Hawar News Agency paid to Mabrouka camp, the large influx of displaced persons to the medical point for treatment was noticeable.

Director of the Directorate of Health in the region of Serê Kaniyê 'Abdel Aziz Mao, spoke to our agency about the medical point in the camp and how patients are treated and explained that all medical services are provided to all the displaced in the camp, "such as providing free medicines and free transfer of necessary cases to Roj Hospital.

He pointed out that "Roj Hospital offers medicines, treating patients and conducting operations free of charge as well." He pointed out that the medical point in the camp receives more than 100 patients a day.

At the end of his speech, Mao stressed that the health situation inside the camp is good and the conditions are "a few", and the medical point is working 24 hours."


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