Loss of contact with UAE tanker in Strait of Hormuz

A two-day loss of contact with an Emirati tanker in the Strait of Hormuz for two days has raised concerns about its status amid strained relations between the United States and Iran.

Data from an oil tanker based in the UAE crossing the Strait of Hormuz has drifted into Iranian waters and stopped broadcasting two days ago, raising concerns about its status amid mounting tensions between Iran and the United States, the Associated Press news agency reported.

Captain Rangith Raja of the Refinitiv Information Center said Tuesday that the tanker had not closed its geographical tracking system during three months of operation around the UAE, adding that it was a "red flag".

There was no statement from Iranian or Emirati officials about the tanker, while the US Navy's Fifth Fleet overseeing the waters of the Middle East refused to comment.

This coincides with Iranian warnings to shut off Britain to an Iranian carrier in the Strait of Gibraltar, after Tehran stopped a British tanker last Wednesday.

The Source: Agencies 

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