Lightning' fires damaged hundreds of agricultural lands

Fire broke out in a number of areas of al-Jazeera Region last night by the thunderstorm that hit the area, which led to the burning of hundreds of hectares of wheat and barley, while firefighters and help teams rushed to help the people to extinguish the fire.

The areas of al-Jazeera Region last night subjected to to a thunderstorm, which led to the outbreak of fires in a number of agricultural land due to lightning. Fire broke out in the agricultural fields belonging to the people of the village of Karzarki west of the city of Dirk, and firefighters and dozens of people rushed to the rescue teams and rescue to the scene of the fire. Where the fire was controlled and prevented access to neighboring fields.

According to the owner of the land, the fire damaged about 50 hectares of wheat crop.

Some 150 hectares of agricultural land belonging to the residents of the village of Tal Jamal in Girgê Legê area were also burned.

A number of agricultural lands were also set on fire in the villages south of the village of Tirbespiyê district , the most severe of which was in the village of Sofia.

Firefighters and emergency committees rushed to help the people and control the fires and prevent their expansion.



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