Libyan writer: Erdogan's government aspires to restore Ottoman Empire, thwarted Libyan policy process

The Libyan writer and academician, Jibril al-Obeidi confirmed that Erdogan's government is interfering in Arab affairs in order to implement its aspirations and ambitions to restore what he called "the second Ottoman". He pointed out that Erdogan's government is involved in corrupting the Libyan political process.

The Turkish state continues to intervene in the affairs of the Arab countries with arguments in harmony with the feelings of the Arab citizens from the Palestinian cause to the so-called Arab Spring. Ankara has entered directly on the line of the conflict in Libya through the support of groups belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood.

With the intensification of the battles waged by the Libyan army under the leadership of Khalifa Hafter on the outskirts of the Libyan capital Tripoli, Turkey began to support the mercenaries directly, and to know the aims of the Turkish state, the Libyan writer and academician Jibril al-Obeidi spoke to ANHA.

The Libyan writer, at the start of his talk spoke about Erdogan's efforts to intervene in Arab countries, said: "Since the handover of the AKP, which is the political front of the Muslim Brotherhood led by Erdogan in power in Turkey, it worked to implement the ambitions and aspirations of Erdogan in the return of the second Ottoman to be its leader by virtue of political inheritance, where the Brotherhood was aiming to reach the state of the Guide(al-Murshed) under the cover of the caliphate.

He added: "Turkish reality is a Turanism element and not an Islamic caliphate even in the time of the Ottomans, the governors were all Turks, which means that it is a succession of Turanism and not Islamic."

Erdogan is a great hypocrite and basically he is not the head of the party, but rather the front of the intersection of interests, and the evidence is the conflict that overshadowed the relationship with his comrade Ahmed Daoudoglu," said the Libyan writer.

"In fact, the Brotherhood's second and third ranks are the real leadership, and a clearer example of that is Mursi of Egypt, who was a president, but in fact he is an employee for Khairat al-Shater," he added.

The writer added, "Erdogan is not a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and therefore the relationship with the Brotherhood is an alliance and the intersection of interests and like the honorary presidency of the party, al-Jema cannot put Erdogan in the place of the guide at all."

"When the Arab Spring came, Turkey found an opportunity to create a new Sykes-Picot and to re-map the Middle East in line with the former Ottoman states, thus, Libya and Syria became the most important countries that Turkey wants Erdogan to control, " he said.

Turkey is involved in many files, including corrupting political life in Libya, and the blatant interference increased when Turkey sensed the fall of the Brotherhood, Erdogan's allies in Libya, and so it sent weapons that were previously secretly sent, now Erdogan sends it openly , nothing has changed.

The Turkish intervention, as the Libyan army commanders said, will not deter us from liberating our country from mercenaries and gangs of crime and the Brotherhood, even if the Ottoman caliphate fights in the ranks of mercenaries.



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