Libyan army targets Turkish guided aircrafts

The Libyan army announced that the air force targeted Turkish guided aircrafts inside the airport of the city of Zuwara in the west of the country.

"After collecting information about the movement of Turkish aircrafts, we confirmed that they were using Hengrin inside Zuwara airport," Libyan National Army spokesman Major General Ahmed al-Mesmari said in a press release. "Airstrip and a passenger terminal at the airport were avoided."

"This is a warning message to any place where there is any threat to the capabilities of our people or to the units of our Libyan Arab armed forces," the statement added.

The Libyan National Army accuses Turkey and Qatar of interfering in Libyan affairs and supporting armed groups in Tripoli.

Turkey has already sent weapons, ammunition, explosives and even drones to Libya in support of the Government of National Accord which is documented through videos and photos, despite the UN arms embargo.

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