Leyla Guven's resistance would be spark of freedom on International Women's Day

The resistance of Leyla Guven is a real revolution against injustice and tyranny, they said, asserting that they will triumph by her will and the will of free women, "resistance of Leyla Guven will be the spark of freedom on International Women's Day."


Kongra Star organized a series of activities in Tirbespiyê district, in conjunction with the International Women's Day, on 8 March each year, where a lecture was given today to the people of Halwa and Tel Ma'arouf in Dokar village.

The lecture began with holding a minute of silence on the lives of the martyrs. After that, the co-chair of the social committee in Tirbespiyê and Wenssa Yousef congratulated the International Women's Day on all women in northern and eastern Syria.

Wenssa  said, "Today, we see women leading the fighting fronts and practicing political, administrative, social and service work, adding that the women were in a state of oppression and tyranny by the male ruling and mental systems.

Then a film was presented about the struggle of women in the world, which included excerpts from the international activists who did not accept oppression and tyranny and fought for their freedom and freedom of women.



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