Lebanon.. protests, clashes and banditry

Lebanese cities are witnessing popular protests accompanied by clashes between security forces and protesters this evening.

The National News Agency reported that the protesters carried out a vigil this evening in front of Lebanon Bank in the city of Al-Nabatiyeh as part of their ongoing movement to denounce the deteriorating economic situation, amid security measures taken by units of the Lebanese Army, the Internal Security Forces and state security.

The protesters raised the Lebanese flags and chanted slogans demanding the return of the looted funds and the trial of the Bank of Lebanon Governor Riad Salameh.

A number of protesters tried to close the road adjacent to the bank, prompting security forces to prevent them from causing tension and stampede.

According to the agency, protesters were throwing Molotov cocktails at the Bank of Lebanon building in Sidon, while the traffic control room reported cutting the traffic in front of the Bank of Lebanon.



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