Kurdish parties must be united on its views against Turkish attacks

Students and professors of Rojava and Kobani universities pointed out that the attacks of the Turkish occupation target the Kurdish people and its gains and values, noting that no one is exempt from these attacks, calling on the Kurdish parties to show a sense of responsibility, and that they have a common position.

The Universities of Kobani and Rojava issued a joint statement on the recent escalation in Zînî wartê region in Başûr Kurdistan.

The statement pointed out that the Turkish state and its mercenaries continue to launch attacks on north and east Syria, and other Syrian regions, in addition to Libya, and added, "The Turkish state imposes a policy of war on peoples, and this policy causes the killing civilians' thousands, ruthless vandalism."

Turkish state seeks to occupy the areas of Başûr Kurdistan

The statement noted that the Turkish state is now preparing to launch attacks on Başûr Kurdistan "in south Kurdistan", and the threats of the Turkish state and its bombing of the region threatens the lives of the people. The people of the area are bombed every day. "

Kurdish parties must know that no one is exempt from these attacks.

The statement indicated that everyone became aware that the goal of the Turkish state is the gains and values ​​of the Kurdish people, and that the Kurdish parties must know that no one is exempt from these Turkish state policies, because the Turkish state is moving according to its plans that target all institutions and organizations of the Kurdish people. "That is why the Kurdish parties should not be fooled, nor dragged into the policies of the Turkish state, and our appeal to all the Kurdish parties, to be careful, to take a responsible spirit, and to have a position, and we condemn all the attacks of the Turkish state on Kurdistan."

The attacks will not only harm the Kurdish people

The statement also said, "The Kurdish people are heading towards historical unity, and they are now at the forefront of peace and security in the Middle East, while at the same time they are struggling against terrorism, and moving against the Kurds and their truth at a time like this. Not only will the Kurdish people be hurt, but it will seriously harm the owners of these." Attitudes also. "

We are confident that the common position will block the way to attacks

"The war will negatively affect life in general, especially education, and we are students and professors of Rojava and Kobani, we were greatly affected by these attacks, and this is why our appeal to all Kurdish movements and forces and the general opinion is to be wary of this danger, and that they are the owners of a position, and this is a historical and humanitarian duty, and we are confident that the common position will block the road to these occupation attacks. "



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