Kurdish clans: Kurds should join efforts, not divide

Member of the Kurdish Clan Council, Abdul Qadir Weti explained that any Kurdish-Kurdish clash will have serious consequences on the Kurdish people, pointed out the ongoing escalation in Zine Warte is in the interest of the Turkish state and called on the Kurdish forces to unite opinion and discourse.

The KDP mobilized its forces and heavy weapons in the controlled Zine Warte area, where the area was severely strained amid popular discontent. This situation caused concern among Kurdish public opinion.

Zine Warte area is located between Rania, Soran, the Qandil mountain range, Helmut and Karouch.

Member of the Kurdish Clan Council in Al Jazeera region Weti explained that the witnessed escalation in the region is in the interest of the Turkish state and stressed that all Kurdish forces should be aware of this.

Turkey is using Islam to expand its influence

The Turkish state has been striving to create strife and differences among the Kurds since ages, he said: "Turkey is a colonial and invading state and fights in the name of Islam. It exploits Islam for its interests in order to expand its influence at the expense of other countries."

Weti noted that as Kurdish clans, they call on the KDP, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) to promote political dialogue and common formulas to solve all the outstanding problems to preserve the gains of the Kurds with great sacrifices.

"In the past, the Kurds were not able to achieve anything for the Kurdish Cause because Turkey has exploited them in the name of Islam. They have been used as tools at the hands of the Turkish dictatorship, which continues to practice this policy against the Kurds," he said.

He explained that Turkey has exploited all minorities to achieve its goals. It committed many massacres against Kurds, Armenians, Syrians and Assyrians in the past: "The Kurdish parties must be aware of these facts well," adding that the enemies of the Kurdish people seek to dismantle and disperse the Kurdish forces headed by Turkey's Erdogan who said during the declaration of federalism in Başûr of Kurdistan: "They made the biggest mistake."

The Kurdish forces must be alert to the conspiracies hatched by the Turkish state and face to these plans by all possible means and methods to prevent Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî scenarios, "Now Turkey is bombing the refugee camps (Mexmûr). Which religion accepts this injustice?." He noted.

He said that any Kurdish-Kurdish clash would have serious consequences for the Kurdish people, and called on Kurdish political parties to unite opinion and discourse, saying: "The outcome of division is always defeat, and with unity, victory and strength lies, so our hands must be intertwined, not divided."



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