KSC in Lebanon: Şengal massacre is mark of shame for international community

The Kongra Star in Lebanon condemned the Şengal massacre, and said: "The massacre, which took place in full view of the world and the international community without being heard, has become a mark of shame for them."


Today marks the sixth annual massacre of ISIS mercenaries in Shankal on August 3, 2004.

On this painful occasion, the KSC in Beirut, the Lebanese capital, issued a statement to public condemning the massacre.

The statement was read by the member Zainab Afrin, and it says: “We condemn Şengal Massacre in 2014 by the mercenaries, that masscred the Yazidi people on August 3, 2014 by the ISIS mercenaries and their traitors, leading  to the martyrdom and displacement of thousands of sons of this peaceful region, the captivity and the rape of thousands of women and children, and their sale in slave markets.

This crime and the massacre, which took place before the eyes of the international community in the twenty-first century, has become a stigma on the pages of human history and great number of Yazidi women's fate is still unknown.

In its statement, the KSC called on women in general, and Yazidis in particular, to unite to prevent massacres.

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