Kobani people light candles on 25th June martyrs' shrines

Hundreds of residents of Kobani commemorated the June 25th Massacre at the two martyrs' shrines in the city and Berkh Botan villages south of the city.

On the fourth anniversary of the June 25th massacre by Daesh mercenaries, hundreds of people from the city of Kobani and its villages flocked to the mausoleums of the massacre's victims in the city of Kobani and the shrine of Berkh Botan village to commemorate 242 martyrs who lost their lives during the June 25, 2015 massacre.

The people lit candles on the shrines of the martyrs, while the relatives of the martyrs held photographs of those who lost their lives in the massacre along with the wreaths of roses placed on the shrines.

The deputy chairman of the Provincial Council of Kobani Farhan Kobani delivered a speech during the memorial ceremony, in which he praised the steadfastness of the parents in the face of terrorism and the difficult conditions that passed until the resistance led to defeating Daesh in the last stronghold in Bagouz and taking revenge for all the martyrs.


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