Kobani... commemoration candles light up February martyrs' shrines

 Hundreds of Kobane canton commemorated February martyrs, during a ceremony  at  the Shrine of the martyrs, Dijla, the south of the city

In the presence of hundreds of Kobane residents, the Council of the Martyrs' Families  organized a memorial service for February martyrs at the shrine of the martyr, Dijla , south of Kobane.

The ceremony began with a speech, delivered by the member of the Council of the Martyrs Families, Osman Ismail, said: "Our martyrs are the source of our strength and high morals. They are alive in our hearts, and we will not forget their memory. These victories  were thanks to the blood of the martyrs. Here at this shrine, Kurdistan parts have been united ."

At the end of his speech, Ismail stressed the need for everyone to work to protect the gains of the martyrs, and pointed out the need to achieve Kurdish unity, which will be an impregnable barrier to the attempts of the enemies of the revolution and its gains.

People then lit up the shrines of the martyrs who gave their cheap lives in order to defend the area in face ISIS mercenaries attacks, jabhat al-Nusra, and the Turkish occupation army.

The Council of the Martyrs Families will hold a memorial service at the end of each month to commemorate them and renew the covenant in their footsteps.



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