Kobani adheres to curfew, canton council calls on citizens be cautious!

The city of Kobani is witnessing, since 6 am, an almost total curfew within the city and its towns, in the first days of the ban announced by the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria, while the canton council called on shop owners not to take advantage of the current conditions, and to provide assistance to the people in light of the "humanitarian ordeal".

The streets of the city of Kobani are devoid of the usual movement, as do dozens of cities and towns in northern and eastern Syria, to avoid the appearance of the Corona virus, after the curfew decision announced by administration came into effect on Monday morning.

The decision of the Autonomous Administration exempted the Internal Security Forces and hospitals, as well as the municipalities and foodstuff stores and bakeries, from the ban that included dozens of other institutions.

In this regard, the co-chair of the Kobani canton council, Mustafa Ito, told our agency that the people should adhere to the decisions Autonomous Administration, stay at home, not underestimate the global pandemic of Corona, and realize the seriousness of this virus, given the suffering of more advanced countries in the medical field such as Italy and China.

Whereas, Ito called on merchants and shop owners not to take advantage of the residents during the ban period, and to contribute to preserving the lives of citizens, who can buy their needs and return to their homes, knowing that the patrols of the Directorate of Supply will inspect the high prices in the shops and work to control prices.

Those responsible for the communes deployed in the city's districts and towns will distribute bread material to the citizens of each neighborhood.

This comes in light of the absence of any case of infection with the emerging virus in northern and eastern Syria, while the Syrian Ministry of Health announced on Sunday the first infection of a girl entering the country.



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