KJK: We defend life on resistant mothers' approaches

The Kurdistan Women's Union congratulated all "resisting mothers" on the occasion of Mother's Day, and called on mothers to step up the struggle to protect life.

The Kurdistan Women Union Coordination (KJK) released a statement in conjunction with Mother's Day, describing the mother's culture as a culture of drudgery and production.

The Kurdish Women's Union said in its statement that the culture that emerged in the mother's vanguard was the shining face of humanity and the beginning of the formation of human consciousness, participatory action, thought and will, and continued to maintain this status to this day.

And the statement added, "Woman-mother represents the energy of participatory action to organize life and define the society's form. She is considered a symbol of the values of good, beauty and truth that serve all, and this culture maintained its existence to this day against all forms of attacks."

The statement pointed out that Turkey, under the leadership of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) and its president, Erdogan, regards the mother and the motherhood culture as an institution for the service of the state, thus giving birth to children and maintaining the state authority over society.

We follow the mothers of Saturday's approach

The statement of the Kurdistan Women's Union also pointed to the continuous activities of the mothers of Saturday on a continuous basis and turned into a day for mothers. The statement pointed out that the struggle of the mothers of Saturday became a front to reveal the reality of the brutality of fascism, and despite the dirty practices of the state, repression and persecution, this activity had continued so far.

We must not leave mothers alone

The statement mentioned the struggle of mothers would not go in vain, "The honorable resistance and the mothers are not alone, but behind them are the will and the culture of millions of people. Mothers are the vanguards of society and they are committed to the responsibilities they bear. The social memory has become like a tree (DLP çinr) whose roots spread among the community. The daughters and children of mothers who draw the strength and determination of this resistance must never give up, and rise up the community resistance."

At the end of the statement, the most appropriate answer to be fit for Mother's Day is to achieve free life, escalate the resistance and strengthen the power of the organization. "On this basis, we accept the hands of all the blessed mothers who defend life by resistance. We will continue to struggle on their way to the end."



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