Kidnapping continues in occupied Afrin

The mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army kidnapped a number of the civilians from Afrin canton and took them to unknown places, in addition, the mercenaries recruited some youth and forced them to go to the fronts.

Sources inside Afrin mentioned that the mercenaries of the so-called Lewa al-Weqas and Lewa al-Sultan Mohammed al-Fateh have kidnapped on July 18 a number of the Youth from Anqela, Hikja, Senara, Merwaniya and Jeqele to recruit them and send them to the fronts

In Janders area, al-Sham Corps mercenaries kidnapped three people from the village of Iska. They were Mohammed Jamal Khelo, Omar Juma Nazu and Omar Muhammad Nazu.

The mercenaries also abducted Nuri Jammu Ashraf, 60 years-old, from Shadira village, as well as two unidentified villagers.

In Shera district the Turkish occupation mercenaries raided the village of Dekmadash on July 18, and kidnapped a number of people from the village known as Yusuf Hanif, Luqman Fahmi Mohammed, Karim Ali Juma, Abdul Hamid Hamza and Riad Ali Juma.

Sources from Afrin also reported that on July 17, mercenaries of the Turkish occupation killed Hussein Jafar from the village of Metina in Shera district. According to the sources, Jafar was working with the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation, leading them to the homes of the residents and causing the abduction of a number of civilians.



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