Khalil: Solving problems of Middle East is possible by ending Ocalan's isolation

The jurist Mohammed Jamil Khalil said that the problems of the Middle East can only be solved by lifting isolation from the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan, calling on Turkey to review its exclusionary policies.

"The current Turkish government is practicing fascism and is responsible for the political and economic crisis that is ravaging the country," said human rights activist Mehmet Jamil Khalil.

He added that Turkey is evading its international and humanitarian obligations which require it to solve internal and external problems through political and diplomatic means, and export its internal crisis to Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt and even Syria, where it threatens to invade eastern Euphrates.

The Turkish state has been isolating Ocalan since April 5, 2015.

In the last meeting with his lawyer on August 7, Ocalan stressed his readiness to solve the problems and called to not ignore the historical ties between the Kurdish and Turkish peoples.

"The strategic changes taking place in the region impose on Turkey political reforms, "he added.

He stressed that the continued isolation of Ocalan is a violation of the UN Charter and that it should conduct a comprehensive national dialogue to amend the constitution in line with its obligations under the European Human Rights Charter and in implementation of the judicial decision of the European Court of Human Rights regarding the retrial of opponents and their inclusion in political life. To allow the political opposition to participate in government. "



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