Joint Russian-Turkish patrol in Ad-Derbasiyah countryside

A joint Russian-Turkish patrol has just begun in the countryside of Ad-Darbasiyah district in al-Hasakah canton in Al-Jazeera region.

According to correspondents of ANHA agency, a joint patrol of the Russian police, and the Turkish occupation army came out just in the countryside of Ad-Derbasiyah.

ANHA correspondents explained that the patrol launched from the village of Aradi, located 17 km west of the center of Ad-Darbasiyah district, and headed west, and the patrol passed through the villages of Alia and Torat.

Correspondents note that the patrol is now heading towards the village of Turbah.

Our correspondents said that two helicopters were escorting the patrol, hovering over the sky of the area, where the joint patrol was operating.



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