Jinwar women: We will celebrate our day in our village

The village of women (Jinwar), consisting of 48 people, is preparing to celebrate International Women's Day for the second consecutive time.


March 8th marks the International Women's Day, it has become a symbol of women's free struggle against authoritarian mentality. It is considered the day of the uprising of the voice of freedom, the village of Jinwar is situated in the northeast of Syria, where only women live in and the women will celebrate the International Women's Day for the second time.

As the International Women's Day approaches, a member of the administrative board of the village, Rumet Heval, pointed out that they would work to establish another village for women in Deir ez-Zor over three-dunum piece of land.

On the other hand, Nujin Derya, a member of the village's commune explained that they were working on a book on the village.

"We will celebrate our day in our village"

"We will celebrate International Women's Day in our own village, and this makes our joy double," said one of the village residents, Fatima Amin, a mother of six children from Kobani. "Had women been able to fight militarily, socially and intellectually, we, here, resist and this is manifested on the ground: we have proven ourselves where we autonomously manage our lives. We have put an end to the masculine mindset. Every woman here has a different story, and they create a shared life here," she said.

A special village for women will be built in Deir ez-Zor

Rumet heval talked about the impact of the village, and noted that they are about building other villages in Kobani, Sulaymaniyah and Deir ez-Zor. She said, "For the second time we will celebrate the International Women's Day, we will celebrate the great sacrifices we have made in the village which all women are proud of and admire throughout the world and it is clear that our project has succeeded. In the whole world there is a need to build a village like this. In Deir ez-Zor, a teacher donated 3 dunums of land to the village's preparatory committee, this village will be an answer to all of the days allocated to women and they must have a special place for them."

Preparing a book on the village of women

In Jinwar, there is Internationals' Commune for women from different countries such as Germany, Kenya, England and France, many people visit the north and east of Syria to visit the village of women. The international women are preparing to write a book on the village of Jinwar. Nujin Derya member of the commune said that this village will be written on the pages of history with letters of gold.

Women of the world must fully recognize the village of women

Nujin aiming to draw a clear image of the book to all women in the world, she said, "life in the village is very different, this village is unique and all women in the world must know this village. The village of women is an example of natural life. We will explain in the book important points, such as how women struggle, causes of building the village, the environment, how women depend on themselves in the development of the economy, women in the world will take this village as an example, the village of women will eliminate the masculine mentality.


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