​​​​​​​Jalol: Erdogan seeks to ignite a Syrian civil war to confront the Kurds

Faisal Jalol, a researcher at the Paris Academy of Geopolitics, said that the Turkish president's strategy is very weak in the Syrian north, noting that Erdogan wants to build an Arab-Islamic force inside the Syrian territories that will be able to confront the Syrian Kurds to organize a Syrian-Syrian civil war inside the strategic territories in the northern Syria.

Hawar news agency (ANHA) held an interview with Jalol, talked abput Erdogan's strategy is weak for several reasons, most notably that the state in Syria, and its allies will not allow the establishment of an Arab opposition state based on the hostility of the Kurds and the hostility of the Syrian state at the same time.

Jalol added: "In the last round of fighting, we have noticed the victories achieved on the ground, and the strategic roads have become m4 and m5, with the regime," indicating that this is something that Erdogan realizes, especially after the last round, and that the Turkish president cannot fight a long war. The term is against the Russians, the Syrian army, and its allies in the region, because it does not have European coverage, especially since the Europeans do not want war in this region.

The researcher at the Paris Academy of Geopolitical said that "the American coverage is partial without enthusiasm, in addition that his relationship (Erdogan) with all Arab countries is bad except for Qatar, and he has internal problems after the Turkish lira fell by 20%, and his loss to Ankara and Istanbul in the municipal elections, and this is what It was demonstrated by the clashes that took place in the Turkish parliament for the first time between his supporters and those who opposed his policies in the Syrian north.

The researcher at the Paris Geopolitical Academy pointed out that "Erdogan's policies in the Syrian north have caused great economic losses, as he needs to cover the expenses of 20 thousand armed and terrorist, and therefore he will not be able to bear the results of such practices for a long time, as he is fighting a war in Libya against Haftar, and a war against the Europeans through the refugees, and therefore his confusion appeared in the Syrian north during the recent negotiations, which led him to agree to the results of the last war, and he went out by saving face, but he lost the last round. "

The researcher at the Paris Geopolitical Academy stressed that the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is isolated and weak, and he will not be able to stay long in the Syrian north.



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