Jad Djebai: SDC is open to dialogue, respect for the other opinion

The Syrian opponent and thinker Jad Djebai praised the great openness of the Syrian Democratic Council to dialogue and respect for the other opinion during the dialogue workshops, and said: "They have the intellectual and moral courage to criticize oneself and accept criticism from the other."

Syrian intellectual and researcher Jad Karim Djebai praised the dialogue workshops organized by the Syrian Democratic Council abroad, and pointed out that its outputs could be utilized by circulating them and opening a public debate on its axes.

The Syrian Democratic Council organized three dialogue workshops abroad, to reach the largest category of political elites and opposition community activities abroad, the most recent of which was held in the German capital Berlin in September 7-8.

The Syrian opponent, thinker and researcher Jad Karim Djebai, who was present at the Berlin workshop, explained: The workshop reinforced my need to recognize the other as it is, not as we want it to be, and define it in a way that defines itself, not according to any ideological or partisan classification, etc., and as for me, I have learned valuable things from them."

He pointed out that the Syrian opposition thinker Djebai pointed to the great openness of the Syrian Democratic Council to dialogue and respect for the other opinion during the work of the workshop, and said in this context: The acceptance of criticism from the other, and the attendees and I practiced one of them a critical criticism of the experience of the Autonomous Administration, and it must be recognized that the responses of friends were objective, despite the harsh criticism, for this and others consider the workshop successful and useful.

Djebai stressed the need to benefit from the outcomes of the dialogue workshops of the Syrian Democratic Council abroad. Equality, as a cumulative addition to previous workshops and seminars, and also a cumulative introduction to the upcoming workshops and seminars, and consider this cumulative balance as a reference to determine the trends of opinion in the cultural, political and popular circles, and the basis for a national vision of democracy.

The Syrian Democratic Council, in implementation of the outcomes of the Syrian-Syrian Dialogue Forum held in March 28 in Kobane, organized three workshops abroad, one in the French capital Paris in 29 and 30 June, and the second in the Austrian capital Vienna in 12 and 13 July, while the third in Berlin in 7 and 8 September.



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