Italy: Ankara must stop its attack ... ISIS threat is still tangible and serious

Italy thanked the SDF for fighting ISIS mercenaries, called on Turkey to stop its attacks and held it responsible for the escalation and confirmed that it would release a decision to suspend arms exports to Turkey.

Speaking to parliament on Tuesday, Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Mayo said the Turkish attack on northern Syria had devastating humanitarian effects.

Di Mayo called on Turkey to stop its attacks on Syria, explaining that there is no military solution to the crisis there, and said that the solution to the Syrian crisis should be diplomatic rather than military.

He said Turkey was "solely responsible for the escalation." He added: "Ankara must immediately suspend its military offensive."

He stressed that the Italian government will issue a decision to suspend future arms exports to Turkey and will assess the "existing contracts" to sell weapons to Ankara as well.

Di Mayo said that Italy expresses its thanks and gratitude to the SDF for their efforts to eliminate ISIS. He explained that the threat posed by ISIS mercenaries remains "tangible and very serious" and said that Turkey's attack could help revive ISIS.




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