Israeli army shelling Gaza in response to rocket fire

Israeli warplanes bombarded locations of Palestinian factions and agricultural land in Gaza in response to rocket fire from Gaza towards Israeli towns adjacent to the Gaza Strip.

According to ANHA's correspondent in Gaza, the Israeli army shelled several sites of Palestinian factions, in addition to agricultural land, while no casualties were reported.

The correspondent said: "The rocket, fired from Gaza, towards Israeli towns near the Gaza Strip, before being intercepted by the Israeli Air Defense."

An Israeli army spokesman commented on the attacks, saying: "Israeli aircraft raided positions in central and northern Gaza, in response to the launch of a rocket from Gaza, and Hamas is responsible for what is happening inside the Strip."

In recent days, there has been a continuous escalation in the field between the Palestinian factions in Gaza and the Israeli army, following the stalled understandings of the truce that have recently taken place between the parties under international and UN auspices.


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