ISIS families set fire in Ain Issa camp

Families of ISIS mercenaries set fire to Ain Issa camp and deployed in the area.

According to information from ANHA correspondents from Ain Issa, the families of ISIS mercenaries in Ain Issa camp who are existed in the camp set fire to the camp and then spread to the area.

More than 750 members of the families of ISIS mercenaries have already fled the camp under cover of Turkish artillery, which targeted camp guards to open the way for mercenary families to flee.

Later, the SDF managed to arrest some fugitives who were heading towards the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries.

Since the beginning of its attacks on northern and eastern Syria, Turkey has bombed prisons where ISIS mercenaries are existed, in an attempt to flee the mercenaries who were in close cooperation with the Turkish occupation state and the Turkish regime seeks to save them for fear that support for them will be revealed during the investigations.




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