IS must be tried to preserve gains achieved by martyrs' sacrifices 

The mothers and wives of martyrs in the city of al-Raqqa called for the establishment of international court in northern and eastern Syria to hold the mercenaries accountable, and to avenge for the people who had suffered from their brutal practices.

After the eradication of Daesh mercenaries militarily, the file of their trial or extradition to their countries has become the basic file for the people of northern and eastern of Syria, who had suffered from their practices and lost their parents as a result of the extreme mentality that the mercenaries wanted to disseminate.

In this regard, the mothers and wives of martyrs in the city of al-Raqqa indicated that they would not accept that the blood of their children would be in vain, and called upon the international community to expedite the establishment of an international tribunal to try Daesh mercenaries.

Nuria Arab al-Saleh, the wife of the martyr Ismail al-Daki, who was martyred during "the battle to defeat terrorism" said, "We were born to live in dignity, and we will break all those who try to undermine our will and determination."

She pointed out, "The desire of the martyrs to liberate the north and east of Syria has been achieved, so it is time to make them lie in peace and account the mercenaries through the establishment of an international tribunal."

Hiba al-Abdullah, the wife of the Martyr Mohammed Ali, who was martyred in Ain Issa, pointed out, "The first stage has finished, and currently, it is required the elimination of the sleeper cells of the mercenaries and the elimination of their extremist ideology which poses a danger to the region."

On the other hand, the mother of the martyr Faisal and the wife of the martyr Seud al-Khamis, who were martyred during the battle to defeat terrorism, Amin Haj Ali, has praised the great role of SDF in confronting and eradicating Daesh mercenaries.

And added, "In order to preserve the gains made by the blood of the martyrs, the international tribunals must be established to hold the mercenaries accountable and to eliminate them completely."



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