Iraqi writer, journalist: Ocalan laid building pillars for his project which will not be removed by his arrest

The Iraqi writer and journalist Dr. Jawad al-Baidhani saw that the secrets of the arrest operation of the Leader Ocalan were drawing a new direction for the region, and he pointed out that its goals were accompanied around the strategies he adopted, and affirmed that Ocalan drew his path carefully and put constructive pillars that could not be removed by his arrest.

The Turkish authorities have been imposing isolation on the Leader Abdullah Ocalan since his capture in 1999, amid silence by international organizations.

The Iraqi writer and journalist  Dr. Jawad al-Baidhani talked to Hawar news agency on the goals of this isolation.

"The secrets of Ocalan’s arrest were drawing a new approach for the region"

Al-Baidhani started his speech saying: "Turkey said: Units of the Commandos were able to arrest Abdullah Ocalan, and that was on February 15, 1999. Turkey will not talk about the details of the process. Many pens and reports have classically narrated the details of this process which talked in its entirety about direct concepts and pretexts for his arrest."

He added: "There is no doubt that the target was greater, and the ferocity of the confrontation was greater for this leader. There are facts that must be clarified about the unspoken goals of the arrest of Ocalan. This process with an international dimension has not been reported by news, except for the direct justifications, and what Turkey announced at the time."

He explained, "The secrets were drawing a new approach in the region, and I believe that there are still important influences behind the arrest of Ocalan which prevented the publication of many relations that existed between the Israeli and Turkish intelligence services, as well as the suspected American role. Perhaps the contradictions in the Turkish statements gave an indication in the method used in the detention process, and that regional and international powers  targeted him.

Even the Mossad could not and will not dismantle the precise method of cover Ocalan followed, except through major supplements to his plans from a group of collaborators to carry out their operations, and if Turkey did not succeed without the help of other powers in the world, what are the motives behind these countries' support for Turkey? Did Ocalan pose a threat to the international stability for example?

"Ocalan arrest process targeted the strategies he adopted"

Regarding the goals of Ocalan's arrest, al-Baidhani said: "There is no doubt that behind the arrest of Ocalan was a greater goal that does not relate to the tactical side only in Ocalan's performance and in the performance of the Workers Party, but was a process targeted the strategies that he adopted before his arrest."

  Some international wills wanted to dismantle the forces of the revolution, and to dry out its sources and focal areas, but Ocalan, who was fully convinced that the revolution must be cultural first. If weapons were not removed, the revolutionary sense and pen would remain. Perhaps his vision that distinguished him reflected his creations to come out with broad concepts from the narrowest passages. He is the man of strategies."

He added: "Ocalan and his companions were determined to make a change in the direction of perpetuating the concepts, principles and premises of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) towards internationalism, and to build a Middle East free of ethnic and sectarian strife. This represents a threat to the international strategy that drifted towards creative chaos to draw a new map based on national, sectarian and regional strife and fighting."

"Building-blocks developed by Ocalan cannot be removed by his arrest"

The Iraqi writer and journalist concluded his speech by saying: "Therefore, it was necessary for those regional and international powers to get rid of Ocalan in preparation for entering a new stage to bring about regional changes that lead to the abortion of the results achieved by the efforts of Ocalan and his comrades without those and other countries realizing that the building pillars set by this international leader cannot be extinguished by his arrest.

He carefully drew his path. He was a teacher before being a fighter, prepared generations in all the world, and developed a theory that is the safest in building a new Middle East based on respect among the peoples and the struggle to build homelands and co-existence.


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