Iran threatens US with a strong slap if attacked its territorial waters

The spokesman for the Iranian armed forces warned the United States against any attack on its waters, and confirmed that it would receive a stronger blow than before if it came close to the interests of the Iranian people in the Gulf.

A spokesman for the Iranian armed forces, Abu al-Fadl Shukarji, warned the United States against approaching Iranian ships, saying, "The United States will receive a stronger blow than before if it attacks the Iranian waters and the interests of our people in the Gulf waters."

Shikarji stressed that Trump's threats to destroy Iranian boats are part of psychological warfare, and his efforts to gain concessions in the presidential elections.

He added, "We have a permanent criticism of our enemies, especially the Americans, what do they want from the countries of the region in the waters of the Persian Gulf? The countries of the Persian Gulf region are able to provide security in them, but our question is about what the Americans are searching in this region? What do their warships and combat aircraft and units do there?

On Trump's latest threat that he had ordered American warships in the Gulf region to shoot at Iranian boats, Brigadier General Shukraji said, "Mr. Trump sometimes makes such statements against us in the context of psychological warfare, confusing public opinion and strengthening his balance in the upcoming elections, as well as escaping Escape from his country's internal issues. "

The threats of the spokesman of the Iranian armed forces come after the remarks of US President Donald Trump, in which he said that American naval ships will shoot at Iranian boats if they approach American ships.


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