Iran sees Astana's path as stronger amid talk of Putin-Erdogan meeting

Iran said today that it believes that Astana's path is the strongest to resolve the situation in Idlib, amid talk of an upcoming meeting between the Russian and Turkish presidents in Moscow.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ali Rabii said Tehran sees Astana's path as the strongest solution to the situation in Idlib.

He said "We are seeking to reduce tension in Idlib by holding a trilateral meeting of the Countries of the Astana Track in Tehran".

Iran worked during the escalation in Idlib on two tracks, the first is to try to maintain the Astana route through intensive contacts between Russia and Turkey, and the second is to counter the advance of Turkey and its mercenaries in Idlib, where Iranian forces were killed by Turkish bombardment.

The Iranian Advisory Center in Syria yesterday warned Turkish forces that they were under the control of their forces and could have retaliated against the bombing of their forces.

In a related context, the Turkish presidency said that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan plans to visit Russia on March 5.

The statement said "Our President plans to visit Russia for one day on March 5,".

Russia has recently received Turkish calls for a meeting between the two heads of state in eagerness.



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