Iran raises uranium enrichment level

Iran said on Sunday it would start enriching uranium at a level higher than 3.67 percent, banned by the 2015 agreement on its nuclear program and threatened to give up other commitments within 60 days.

Iran said on Sunday its stockpile of enriched uranium would exceed, within hours, the 3.6 percent allowed by the nuclear deal.

The announcement, made by a group of Iranian officials, at a news conference in the capital Tehran, Iran would have exceeded the provisions of its nuclear agreement, signed in 2015 with world powers.

"Iran will not enrich uranium at the moment to the level necessary for the Tehran reactor," the officials said.

It confirmed that It has the ability to restore work at the Arak heavy water reactor, and that it will move based on its needs.

Iran threatened on Sunday to abandon other nuclear commitments "within sixty days" if a "solution" is not found with its partners within the Iranian nuclear deal to meet its demands.

"We hope to find a solution, otherwise we will launch in the next 60 days the third phase" of the plan to reduce pledges made by Iran under the Vienna agreement in 2015, Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Iraqji told reporters.

President Hassan Rohani said on Wednesday that Sunday would be the end of his deadline for Europe to find a way for Iran to go beyond US sanctions.


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