Iran, Britain are close to defusing tension, Beijing is massing troops on Hong Kong border

Iran and Britain are close to resolving the oil tanker crisis and defusing tension between them, , while the Chinese authorities are massing troops on the border of Hong Kong.

World newspapers on Wednesday reported that Tehran and London have sought to defuse tensions and tensions escalate between Hong Kong and China.

Iran and the UK are close to resolving the oil tanker crisis

On the oil tanker crisis in the Gulf region, the Wall Street Journal said, "Iran and the UK have made progress towards releasing of an Iranian tanker held in Gibraltar, according to people familiar with the talks, a move that could prompt Tehran to release a British-flagged ship it later seized , it defused the tension between the two countries. "

"Iran lifted several obstacles by recharging the ship and setting up a new destination after the Gibraltar authorities asked to confirm that the ship would not sail to Syria, according to people familiar with the matter."

Chinese army moves troops to Hong Kong border amid protests

Tensions between Hong Kong and China escalated yesterday, according to the Washington Times, as riot police clashed with demonstrators occupying Hong Kong's main airport, amid reports that Beijing was gathering troops and military equipment near the border with the city.

US President Donald Trump said US intelligence had told him China had deployed troops on the Hong Kong border, which has been the scene of days of widespread protests against a law that demonstrators see as a threat to democracy.

"The seizure of the huge airport was the latest escalation of demonstrations in a campaign originally sparked by plans by the Hong Kong government for a law allowing extradition to Beijing, which many Hong Kong residents regarded as a violation of the city's autonomy."



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