International newspapers: US-China tension and global health risks lives in NE Syria

The accusations between China and the United States about the origin of the Corona virus have increased, while the World Health Organization has been criticized for caving in to China and Russia instead of protecting the lives of people in northern and eastern Syria in light of the spread of the Corona virus.

International newspapers today touched on the Chinese-American accusations about the Corona virus, in addition to the World Health Organization's submission to China and Russia regarding providing aid to northern and eastern Syria.

The Wall Street Journal: US intelligence investigations of Corona exonerate the Chinese

The international newspapers issued this morning dealt with several topics, most notably the mutual accusations between China and America about the origin of the Corona virus, and in this context the Wall Street Journal said, "The Office of the Director of National Intelligence announced that the CIA reached a conclusion that the emerging Corona virus that invaded the world grew up in China, but it is not man-made or genetically modified.

"The entire intelligence community has consistently provided critical support to US policymakers and those who respond to the Covid-19 virus that originated in China," the Office of the Director of National Intelligence said in a statement.

"The intelligence services also meet with the broad scientific consensus that the Covid-19 virus is not a man-made or a genetic modifier."

The statement came after President Donald Trump announced on Monday that he would seek compensation from China for the epidemic.

According to media reports, Trump entrusted US spies with the task of searching for how the virus that has been blamed for spreading to a meat market selling animals such as bats emerged in Wuhan, but now there is a belief in the responsibility of a bacteriological laboratory close to the market.

The CIA said it always provides resources for study and analysis during national security crises.

It added that all intelligence services will continue to accurately study the new intelligence information to determine whether the outbreak started through contact with infected animals, or as a result of an accident in a laboratory in Wuhan.

The Independent: Accusations to WHO risking the lives of people in northeastern Syria

On another matter, The Independent newspaper said, "The World Health Organization was criticized for caving in to the governments of China and Russia instead of protecting lives in northern Syria during the outbreak of the coronavirus, after canceling a direct appeal to reopen a major aid crossing point in northeastern Syria.

The original statement stated that the NGO partners wanted the 15-member body to reopen the Al-Yarobiya crossing from Iraq to the northern part.

Over the past six years, the Security Council has authorized the delivery of aid through this vital entry point, but it dropped its approval in January in the face of opposition from Russia, the main ally of the Syrian regime, with support from China.


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