International efforts must be intensified to try Daesh

 the Iraqi political analyst As'ad al-Abbadi described the case of the trial of Daesh foreigner mercenaries as the major problem, and stressed the need to increase the frequency of contact with the international community and those concerned for these mercenaries and to reduce the additional material and security costs that result from their survival on what they are now. 

Iraqi political analyst and Former Secretary-General of the Iraqi Democratic Change Party, As'ad al-Abbadi, explains in this regard "This problem is too much to be dealt by Autonomous Administration in North and East of Syria, with the lack of material and logistical resources that barely meet the needs of the population there.

On March 21, the Syrian Democratic Forces announced the end of Daesh mercenaries militarily on the geography of north and east of Syria, on March 25, AA had demanded through a press conference of the necessity to support of AA to establish international court to try Daesh mercenaries within areas of north and east of Syria due to Daesh committed massacres against North Syria's people.

According to the Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria, there are more than 6,000 Daesh mercenaries are being held detention in AA's prisons, about 1,000 mercenary have foreigner nationalities (from 50 EU countries and Central Asia), in addition to more than 30 thousand mercenaries' families between a child and a woman in AA's camps including 12,000 (8,000 children and 4,000 women) from Europe, Western countries and Central Asia.

And noted "I believe that there is a great responsibility on the part of the international community and the UN to address the complex problem of Daesh. There must be a presence for the UNHCR, to resettle the families and to adapt the status of Daesh detainees legally by referring them to special courts. Under international auspices, or extradited to their countries as mercenaries who were used to fight others. "

Foreign and European diplomatic delegations are flocking to the north and east of areas of Syria from time to time. And most of their statements have touched upon the need to prosecute Daesh mercenaries in north and east of Syria, without any tangible support.



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