International condemnation of Afrin explosion without touching upon Turkish atrocities in Afrin canton 

​​​​​​​The US State Department and the British Minister for Middle East and North Africa condemned the "terrorist" bombing that targeted the occupied city of Afrin yesterday, and the two statements did not address daily Turkish crimes.

On Tuesday, a major bombing occurred in the occupied city of Afrin, killing more than 46 people, and injuring more than 50 others, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The US State Department condemned the bombing during a statement and said, "The United States condemns the terrorist act that was carried out in Afrin in Syria, in which dozens of people shopping in the central market were killed in preparation for Ramadan Iftar."

The ministry confirmed that initial reports indicated that many of the victims were civilians, including children, and added, "These cowardly and vicious acts are unacceptable to any party in this conflict, and the United States renews its call to support and implement a ceasefire on all of Syrian territory. as called for by the UN Special Representative Geir-Pederson. "

In the same context, James Cleverley, the British Minister for Middle East and North Africa, issued a statement describing the bombing as "horrific", and Cleverley said on Twitter: "I was dismayed at reports of the killing of dozens of civilians in an explosion targeting a market in Syrian Afrin."

He added that the Syrians have suffered enough so far, calling for the commitment of all parties concerned to call for a ceasefire throughout the country that was sent by Geir-Pederson, the UN Special Representative to Syria.

Since Turkey and its mercenaries occupied the city of Afrin on March 16, 2018, the region has witnessed ongoing clashes and escalation between mercenaries backed by Turkey, in contrast to the thefts, the distribution of lands and money for the people of Afrin to each other, in addition to changing the demography of the region and killing its children, but the US State Department and the British statement did not address to the violations and crimes committed by Turkey and its mercenaries in this region.



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