International Coalition announces significant progress on border security mechanism

The International Coalition led by Washington said "good progress" has been made on the border security mechanism in northern and eastern Syria on the border with Turkey, According to France agency

Turkey and the United States agreed last month on the so-called "security mechanism" on the border between northern and eastern Syria and Turkey. The first joint patrols in the border areas took place on September 8, but Ankara continued to criticize Washington for the seriousness of establishing the area.

On Sunday, a delegation from the International Coalition visited the military council of the Syrian city of GIRÊ SPî / Tel -Abyad, which the troops started to withdraw from last month.

"We are making significant progress in the first phase of the security mechanism's activities," the coalition said in a statement distributed to journalists.

The statement added that "Coalition Forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces SDF conducted several patrols to uncover the sites of fortifications and removed to dispel Turkey's concern."

"US and Turkish forces also carried out four overflights."

"We will continue our discussions and close coordination with Turkey to discuss additional details on the activities of the security mechanism," the coalition statement said.

"We will continue to remove some of the fortifications that are of concern to Turkey."

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatens to launch attacks on this region over and over again. In the latest threat, he said they would launch attacks at the end of the month, despite its agreement with the United States on the security mechanism.



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