On Monday, the General Command of the Internal Security Forces of al-Raqqa Square and al-Raqqa Civil Council issued two separate statements on the state of emergency imposed two days ago in al-Raqqa. During the statements, they declared the end of the state of emergency and the return of normal life.

The statement issued by the General Command of the Internal Security Forces of al-Raqqa Square stated,

"Our forces, along with SDF, have managed during these two days to carry out several special operations in al-Raqqa and its environs against terrorist cells that have targeted the civilians and undermined the security and stability in general.

The overall operations achieved their objectives according to information documented by our intelligence agencies, during which terrorist cells were captured and their entire weapons were seized.

We announce the suspension and termination of emergency state in addition to the curfew in the city before its specified deadline, so that life returns to its normality.

Al-Raqqa Civil Council statement:

"On 4/3/2013, the regime abandoned al-Raqqa and its people to become the target of the armed factions, the latest of which was IS terrorist organization and after the high price paid by the people of the area to liberate al-Raqqa and reach a stage of great achievements.

Therefore, we thank all our people for their cooperation and support for Syria's Democratic Forces and for the Security Forces which are thank for their efforts to maintain security and stability throughout the area.

And therefore, we declare the end of the curfew in all over the governorate, except for al-Swama-al-Kalta road until further notice."