Intellectuals should play their role, document crimes of Turkish occupation

The intellectuals of al-Jazeera region stressed the need for intellectuals to play their role in this stage, and document the crimes committed by the Turkish occupation against the Kurdish people, and asked the intellectuals of Başûr Kurdistan to reveal the truth of the Turkish attacks on Başûr Kurdistan.

Since 27 May, the Turkish occupation has carried out violent attacks on the areas of Başûr (southern Kurdistan) with all heavy weapons, in addition to targeting populated villages with warplanes, and dozens of the sons of Başûr, especially the children of the villages of Mount Qandil lost their lives.,

The Kurdish people must unite

The intellectuals of northern and eastern Syria see that the recent Turkish attacks on the areas of Başûr Kurdistan are attacks targeting the existence of the Kurds and the geography of Kurdistan, intellectual and poet and director of the intellectuals Union of Rojava Kurdistan, Ahmed Hosseini, said that the Turkish occupation is carrying out brutal and arbitrary attacks all deadly weapons and on the regions of Başûr Kurdistan, "The aim is to destroy the Kurdish people and the nature of Kurdistan."

The poet Ahmad Hosseini said that the Turkish state targets the Kurdish presence, language, identity and humanity, and tries to destroy any Kurdish entity.

He said: "The Kurdish people must unite and become one hand, because Turkey does not differentiate between the Kurds in Başûr and the Kurds located in any other area within Kurdistan."

"We can say that there is a great danger targeting us and we need a firm stance towards these attacks, we must take a common position to deter these attacks," Ahmed Hosseini said.

The intellectuals should play their role and document the crimes of the Turkish occupation

On the role of the intellectual at this sensitive stage, Ahmed Hosseini explained that intellectuals should work to document the crimes committed by the Turkish occupation of Turkey, because Turkey is fighting the Kurdish people in general. In these historical moments the intellectuals must prove their presence on the ground, and guide the community.

Ahmed Hosseini said: "So they have to work seriously and document the attacks that occur and to devote full energy to reveal the truth of these attacks and documents to become clear for future generations."

Ahmed Hosseini said that the intellectuals of Kurdistan should unite their ranks and take a firm stance on the Turkish attacks on all areas of Kurdistan and the Kurdish people.

"The recent Turkish occupation attacks on the Kurds are a result of the contradictions within the Kurdish house," a member of the Intellectuals' Union of Rojava, Abdullah Sheikho said, adding that the Kurdish intellectual should work to unify the Kurdish class and move away from personal interests.

"We must unite, support our military forces wherever they are because they are the source of our strength and identity, and they are the ones who make sacrifices for the sake of Kurdistan," he said

Sheikho said that some intellectuals now do not work for the benefit of the Kurdish people, but are working for certain parties, and demanded that the intellectuals stop the inflammatory discourse and address their cause the Kurdish issue, and work according to the requirements and interest of the Kurdish people.



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